Hawk swoops on Studio Onyx.

On Sunday 27th November we’ll be joined by the fabulous Aemilia Hawk, who will be hosting a Flogging and Dragon tail Workshop at the studio.

These workshops are beneficial to all skill levels, whether you’re just starting out, or would like to hone your skills and further improve your impact play. Aemilia will be demonstrating a range of techniques, using a variety of different types of flogger, from warm ups, to more advanced styles, including four, and six point florentine.

There’ll be the opportunity to have a go yourselves, and if you’re lucky, the chance of some expert guidance from the fanged one herself!

Kabunza Craftwerks will also be at the studio, displaying a range of their unique poi floggers, nunchaku floggers, and delicious Dragon tails for us all to get acquainted with. Combined with our very own selection of the latest flogger designs from House of Eros, if you’re looking for a new impact toy, chances are we’ll have you covered.

The usual tea, coffee, soft drinks, and nibbles will be on offer…and maybe some cake too!

House of Eros at Studio Onyx

As many will know, House of Eros are working with Studio Onyx to make it one of the best play spaces in the South West. Not only have they supplied the furniture for the dungeon areas, but they have also provided some of their range of products for those who want to use the studio. Personalised with the studio name, they are there to add to your enjoyment of the play space. The idea is to let you experience different “tools” that you may not have tried before or have not had the chance to. Should you have the overwhelming desire to buy any of the products you try and like, you will now be able to spend your pennies at the studio where we have a range of House of Eros products available. The idea behind setting up a “shop” at the studio is to provide a discrete place where you can buy the sort of products that aren’t always available on the high street and are often best bought after you have tried them, well this is your chance, not only that but by supporting the studio you will also be able to get House of Eros products at discounted prices! This will enable us at Studio Onyx to invest more into the studio to make your experience even better. Just remember this is only the start, over the next few months we will be expanding the range of products available for your use, so enjoy this great studio and play space and lets make Studio Onyx the Best in the West!!

We would love to hear any suggestions from you, the studio users. If there are any products you would like to see at the studio, or any other suggestions that will make your experience of the play space better, for you and the community, please use our contact form and get in touch.

Studio Onyx